The authorised signatory on behalf of the applicant entity hereby certifies that the information given hereby and on the enclosures to this application is true & correct and that any misrepresentation will disqualify this application. Any findings on prevarication post-processing of this application is liable for blocking on Alba's vendor list and legal prosecution as deemed fit.

Although we recognize that proprietors, dealers, authorized agents or distributors may hold exclusive legal rights ownership over established product lines, we do not encourage the involvement of intermediaries, agents or other third parties and prefer to deal directly with producers, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. Vendors who envisage the involvement of intermediaries in their trading with Alba must declare explicitly stating the reason for such involvement and confirmation of their role, and provide the terms of agreement between them and their intermediaries as well as official documentation confirming their ownership structure. This information must be sent to Alba’s Manager Procurement beforehand as well as included in quotations without fail. If the use of intermediaries is concealed or not expressly declared in writing, in the event of later discovery the vendor may be removed from Alba’s approved supplier list for future tenders and shall be held liable for compensating Alba any additional expense borne as a result of the involvement of intermediaries.

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. © reserves the right to approach one or more of the banks, auditors, customers and references provided by the applicant. The applicant must be prepared to submit additional information if called for. The applicant understands that a completed vendor registration request is a must for the application to be considered for inclusion in the vendor list and that applications not fulfilling the necessary requisites will not be considered.

The applicant has also read and accepts Alba’s:

‘General Conditions For Purchase Of Goods (Document 21/24 08-2007 Rev.1)’
‘Packing, Marking, Shipping And Documentation Instructions (Document 21/20 05-03 Rev. 4)’
‘General Conditions For Visiting Staff (Document 21/25 08-2007 Rev.1)’
‘General Conditions For Contractors (Document 21/23 05-86 Rev.2)’
‘Alba Health and Safety Management System (Document ACOP 025)’
‘Vendor General Guidelines’


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